La joie de vivre

La joie de vivre

I share my inspiration for my contribution to the soon to be published book “Are you the missing piece” in this short interview:

If your Life isn’t about the joy of it, something needs to change!

Have you heard the expression ‘La joie de vivre‘?

It means the joy of living, it expresses a cheerful enjoyment of Life for no particular reason, it is a feeling that involves one’s whole being, it is a philosophy of Life. Truly if everybody had the joie de vivre, there would be peace on Earth!

Did you know that in our western culture, the No1 regret of people at the end of their Life is “I wish I had had the courage to live my Life, being true to myself” ? and it is followed by “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard, not taken things so seriously and let myself be happier”.
Regret provides nothing, NOTHING but suffering, as we reminisce and allow the past to dictate how we feel now! 
But cheer up: There is still time to address issues that might otherwise later become regrets, and to give yourself the gift of saying good bye with a peaceful mind. Life is short, precious and sacred, and it is a gift; let’s not waste it, let’s not get to the end with regrets of unfulfilled dreams!
So, have the courage to be authentic and to do what is necessary to be in integrity with yourself, and in doing so you will discover stupendous inner joy & freedom. 

Most people are afraid of change because the unknown might be scary. So they stay in relationships, jobs and situations that are not fulfilling, every morning they dread getting up to the same old same old, they might even sink into depression and start being a ‘holic’ (alcoholic, drugaholic, sexaholic, shopaholic, workaholic…). They might abuse their body and the people they love, or withdraw from social interaction, unconsciously refusing to acknowledge their feelings.

They might not even be aware of their discontent. Or even they might have everything they need and want, and they seem happy from the outside, but in those intimate moments in bed, when sleep eludes them, they feel a void and they ask themselves “What’s wrong with me? I have everything to be happy, why am I not satisfied?”… (I know! I’ve been there).

They feel a void, they wonder “Is this all there is?” They don’t know what to do about it, where to turn to, how to even put words on this foggy feeling? Most people would rather stay in the comfort of their uncomfortable situation than face the unknown but the only constant in Life is change and it is not to be feared! Instead, when you can welcome change with a sense of wonder-ment, everything becomes easier and more fun.

Happiness is fleeting because it comes from external factors, whereas joy is an inside job.

It is one of the highest vibrations that human beings can feel and express.


Life is a magical adventure that is meant to be enjoyed!

Let me help you; I would be honored and thrilled to be your guide.

A client once nicknamed me “Spark plug”… Let me ignite the engine to your new Life so you too, can say “I am living the Life I love!  🙂