Because I believe that Life is a magical adventure that is meant to be enjoyed, I help people – mostly women – courageously embrace change with ease and excitement. I am told that my love of Life and my joy are contagious … How many people can I infect?

And because I am very much in love with Gaia, our gorgeous Planet, my bigger mission is to help push humanity forward.

I help entrepreneurs make more money and boost their brain power so they can expand their business. I have the best job in the World; I am a therapeutic laughter practitioner & business building coach! 🙂  What does laughter have to do with business building you may ask … Contact me to find out.


“Joie de vivre” (Joy of living) Expert & Catalyst, Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, Award Winning No1 International Best Selling Author.

Life has brought Olivia into contact with a variety of cultures, experiences and challenges on different continents and, though she was born in Paris, France, she feels that she is a citizen of the World.

She is thrilled and honored to have been chosen to represent her country of birth as a peace ambassador for the “Global Peace Initiative and Second World Parliament on Spirituality”.

Olivia has a reverence for Life, she is an advocate for animals and the environment and loves gardening. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and the wisdom she acquired from her rich Life experiences. She has been a glass artist most of her Life, creating art pieces and teaching stained glass & glass mosaic. Her students would often say that her classes were inspiring and uplifting and that her love of Life and her joy were contagious.

Olivia is a certified transformational Life coach, a radical forgiveness coach, a certified master toe reader, a certified therapeutic laughter practitioner, a peace ambassador, an award winning artist, a speaker and an award winning author. As a coach, mentor and speaker with a calling to help push humanity forward she guides her audiences to the awareness that a major source of discontentment comes from compromising our own truth. Olivia teaches how to live Life from the inside out and understand what truly makes you happy. She helps you find the courage to be authentic, and in doing so you discover stupendous inner joy and freedom to live the Life you only dreamed of and you inspire others to do the same.