A friend once introduced Olivia to a group as follows:

coffee, original, sweet, balanced, concentrate, refined, strong

“Olivia is French but she is definitely not vanilla!

She is like Kenya ‘Gachatha coffee’: She is original, elegant, refined, down to Earth, eclectic, sweet & fruity (even nutty), well-balanced and versatile. Great for espresso, meaning concentrate, no fluff, straight to the point”.

Olivia was born in Paris, France and is now  living in Arizona; actually she is a citizen of the  World. She has a reverence for Life, she is an  advocate for animals and the environment and  she loves gardening.

She enjoys sharing her  knowledge and the  wisdom she acquired from  her life experiences living on several continents. Olivia is an excellent listener, she cares about your well being and peace of mind.
She will guide you to the awareness that a major source of discontentment in your life comes from compromising your own truth. She will be honored and delighted to help you find the courage to be authentic, and in doing so you will discover stupendous inner Joy & Freedom.

She will teach you how to live Life from the inside out and understand what truly makes you happy, design the Life you only dreamed of and inspire others to do the same.

Would you find it valuable and fun to have a coach who is enthusiastic, energizing, uplifting, inspiring and creative, who is an unconventional thinker, who will guide you and support you in creating or refining the Life you want by your own design?

What if you could develop a mindset & skill set that could optimize your health and your finances, cancel your worries, anxiety and stress – and instead – develop a lifestyle that would bring you more money, freedom and joy?
And what if you could feel this difference in your life almost immediately?
Well … Now You Can.

What if the world, your body and your life, were meant to be enjoyed?
What if you chose to design your life for the joy, the adventure, and the pleasure of being alive?

If your Life isn’t about the joy of it, if worry keeps you from seeing the beauty around you, then something needs to change! That’s what Olivia is all about. She will help you welcome change with excitement instead of fear, and she makes it fun and easy.