I recently made a new friend and she encouraged me to guest post on her blog, so I gratefully accepted. You can see her page at:

And here is my post:

Jan, I find it interesting that you mention the book Man’s Search for Meaning because I have been wanting to read that book for quite some time; It so happens that I finally ordered it and just received it!   J  I do agree that we humans are so much stronger and more resilient than we can imagine. And yes, we are alive on this beautiful Planet to expand our consciousness individually and globally, through a unique and different purpose for each one of us.

It takes courage to keep our head up through these challenging times, but remember that Life does not happen to you, it happens through you.

Courage is not necessarily about bravery or self sacrifice like in movies. To me, courage is about being in integrity with yourself, being true to yourself before and above anything else, taking risks to follow your dreams, listening to your intuition, embracing the adventure and expanding your consciousness.

It means getting out of your comfort zone – which often times is not that comfortable and implies safety, complacency, procrastination, inertia. Reacting is the victim’s way; Taking action is the way of the Free Spirit. It takes courage to be a Free Spirit!

When you believe in yourself enough, there are no ifs or buts, you just do it!

You show courage when you:

– Speak your mind and stand your ground

– Let go of the familiar and try something new – without guarantees

– Trust your gut and get your analyzing mind out of the way

– Know your core values and honor them, despite the nay-sayers trying to stifle your doing things they’ve always been scared to do.

– Don’t allow doubt to keep you stuck. Courage is not a skill or a mindset to wish for, it is a conscious choice you make in the moment, and then don’t look back.

By definition, courage deals with matters of the heart. The word comes from the Latin cor, meaning heart (in French Coeur) … acting from your heart. In some philosophies, the heart is believed to be the seat of the soul… Let your heart guide you.

Remember that Life is short, in the blink of an eye it can be taken away.

When the end comes, in your last few moments, will you remember the long hours spent at the office, or the everyday commute, or the repetitive choirs that you did mindlessly? Will you leave this Earth plane with a big baggage full of regrets? Or will you revel in the bold decisions that made your heart skip a beat and then brought a proud smile on your face?

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” — Anais Nin

My moto is: Life is a magical adventure that is meant to be enjoyed!

So, as Jan says: May Courage be your guide … May your heart be your guide … Laissez votre coeur vous guider

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