Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned speaker, come and meet other speakers, booking agents and event planners. This is a fun, impactful, hands on event where YOU take the stage in front of the other attendees and go home with a video to post on your website and other goodies.

This event is FREE, you just need send a no-show deposit. Oct 27 – 29, 2017

Sheraton Grand Wild Horse Pass, Phoenix


Helping women empower themselves:

The topic of my presentation: NO REGRETS

Be true to yourself and courageously embrace change with ease & excitement

so you can leave this Earth without regrets.

And at the end of the day I will offer a therapeutic laughter session! 🙂


Join us for a fun event. I’ll be speaking at 3.30pm: 

Money Mindset For The New Year

Upgrade your money mindset for an empowered and successful new year.

The planetary shift is calling us to uplevel our mindset so we can uplevel our service to humanity. 2017 is a year 1 of new beginnings… Change your mindset, change your Life, and raise the vibration on the Planet!

Now is the time for self examination followed by expansion. No more excuses, it is time for authenticity. Don’t overthink it though because the mind can only recreate what it knows from the past, it is now time to be driven by your soul.

Your money mindset creates your money behaviors, which impact all areas of your Life. Do you want this new year to be a more powerful, profound and transformative year for you and those around you? Do you want a harmonious and fun relationship with your money? Of course you do!

In this interactive presentation you will:

* Identify your current level of satisfaction with your Life

* Find out what stops you from being in alignment with your money

* Understand that you have a unique money personality, and so do the people you interact with on a daily basis, and why this sometimes creates misunderstanding and tension

* Figure out whether you are in integrity with your true self or not

* Start seeing money as a fun ally in your couple, at work, as well as in all areas of your life

* Find out how you can create more abundance, joy and peace of mind for yourself

* Learn how doing this work contributes to establishing peace on Earth

* And more…


Join me at the 2nd World Parliament on Spirituality where I am a Peace Ambassador representing France:



November 12 Class Schedule