Elect yourself  President of your new Life!

Elect yourself  President of your new Life!

The election in the US has been and is an opportunity to grow as a Nation, as well as an opportunity for self growth. The nation is deeply divided, lots of people are disappointed, angry, resentful, afraid, sad, the energy around the election has been dark and heavy.

It wouldn’t matter who got elected: We, as a nation, created this, YOU created this and now you are complaining about it… It is no different from what you have created in your own life and are complaining about.

Isn’t it time to stop blaming, feeling sorry, angry, resentful or helpless?

Isn’t it time to stop making the way you feel, be someone else’s fault?

Isn’t it time to take responsibility for how you feel, and give yourself permission to see what is not working in your life and be an advocate of your own wellbeing?

YOU and only you, are in charge of your feelings and your own inner happiness.

I am a bit puzzled because I have been thinking the whole time – and still am – that something will happen at the last minute that will make it so that neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump takes leadership of this country. I am expecting the unexpected, a divine intervention of some sort I guess. I don’t know what and I can’t explain it but I do believe in miracles.

I also believe that perhaps this election was the best trigger for people to wake up … it’s about time!

It is time to become conscious, to become aware and to commit to improving our own life as well as the level of consciousness on the Planet, each one of us as a citizen of the World.

You do not depend on any elected official, don’t wait for them to do something about issues you care about, instead, take charge of your life, take charge of your own thoughts and emotions, thus helping raise the vibration around you.

This election powerfully mirrored the need for change, as well as a strong desire for change in this country. Don’t put your faith in anyone or anything outside of you, YOU hold the power; go ahead and have the courage to make the necessary changes within yourself, which you will then see reflected in your outer life. Invest in yourself, love yourself even more, smile and laugh more; laughter is a high energy booster, respect and honor yourself, go out in Nature, be grateful for everything you have and everything you are, sit up straight and get into a power position. YOU have the power to change your Life for the better and in doing so, YOU have the power to change the World for the better.

Believe it, own it, this is the truth!

2016 is a year of endings (2+0+1+6=9).

2017 will be a year 1 of new beginnings. Elect yourself  President of your new Life!

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