Money is Love

Money is Love

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How would you like to have a hot love affair and tickle y
our G spot?

No I am not a matchmaker, I am talking about a love affair with your money and G stands for gap, as in money gap! … what were you thinking about? 🙂

Did you know that money is the No 1 cause of tension in relationships, and even divorce?

Money is energy, it is a representation of love and gratitude, used as an exchange for services received.

Surely you are aware that we are in the midst of a powerful shift on this gorgeous Planet that we call home. But are you aware that one of the major components of this shift is the transformation of our financial system and our own money mindset at the same time?

We are called to change our fear, scarcity & greed economy to a new love economy, and it starts with your personal love economy. 

Stay tuned for a quiz to discover your money archetype!