O’s Tribe

O’s Tribe


Olivia’s tribe is comprised mostly of women (and a few good men) who have everything they desire, and yet feel unfulfilled.

Feeling bored or unfulfilled? Suffering either career boredom, intimate relationship breakdown or both?

Are you somehow finding yourself in a disempowered state… Feeling overwhelmed and scared about your financial situation or new circumstances and looking for direction, support and a sense of purpose? Have you lost your joy?

Olivia delivers training on choice and personal change, authenticity, courage and mindset, helping you empower yourself so you can design your Life – being in integrity with yourself – and say “I am living the Life I love”!

  • How to be in integrity with yourself, stop compromising your values and consciously live a Life of purpose. Dare to be YOU!
  • How to discover your money personality, your hidden blink spots, challenges & strengths about money and crack your money code
  • How to courageously embrace change with ease and excitement, master your stress and transform it into joy
  • How to design for yourself a life you enjoy
  • How to be an inspiration to those around you and help increase the level of Love, Prosperity and Peace on Earth

Do you believe that being true to yourself is paramount in order to be truly happy?

Do you believe that there’s got to be more to Life than your present circumstances?

Do you believe that there is a purpose for your Life?

Do you believe that the courage to change your situation is possible because courage comes from the French word ‘Coeur’ which means heart, and throughout your Life you have demonstrated that you have heart, you have been a giver and you sense that your time is NOW?

Do you believe that Life is worth living with true joy?

Do you believe that it would be an unbearable pain to go to your grave with regrets because “I should have done … I should have been … I should have said …”?

Do you believe that it would be transformational to befriend money instead of being intimidated by it, ignoring it or scared to not have enough, instead of being angry, frustrated, overwhelmed, and “stuck in suck”?

Do you believe that if others have done it, so can you … You only need guidance and support?

Do you believe that Peace on Earth is possible?

These are my beliefs, and if they resonate with you, then you just might be someone I’d love to welcome into my tribe! I would be honored and thrilled to get to know you. Send me a note and tell me how I could support you.

In the meantime I send you bubbles of Joy  🙂