Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Olivia is a Peace ambassador representing France at the World Parliament on Spirituality and Global Peace Initiative.

I totally embrace the mission of the Global Peace Initiative, which is “To increase the level of Love, Prosperity & Peace in the World” because it deeply resonates with my own values.

I believe that most – if not all – issues in the World are caused by our lack mentality. We are constantly brainwashed to believe that we are not enough (and therefore we feel inadequate, broken, less than) and there isn’t enough to go around (therefore we have to compete, steal, cheat, hoard and lie). In reality nobody is broken, our self worth is not our net worth; We have to learn to know ourselves and to love ourselves, to cultivate our self confidence and to know without a doubt that we matter, that each one of us is an important little thread in the fabric of Life, we all have a purpose for being here and we are all inter-connected like trees whose roots mingle.

Do trees get depression because perhaps they don’t have enough leaves? or not as green or as big or shiny as this other tree? Do birds stop singing because they worry that they won’t find food tomorrow, next week next month? Do the Sun or the Moon feel broken or less than?

We live in an abundant gorgeous Universe; There is more than enough for everybody. I believe that once humankind has embraced that paradigm, when enough people have healed their relationship with money and reached peace of mind about prosperity, we will have Love and Peace on Earth (because why would you want to fight if all your needs are met, and then some…). This is not an airy fairy woo-woo concept, it is within our reach.

If this intrigues you, check out my ‘Money is Love’ page.

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  1. As a Peace Ambassador for the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative, I am on a mission to find local Peace Ambassadors abroad. Do you know anybody who might fit the criteria below? If so, please tell them to contact me.

    We are searching for qualified people to become Peace Ambassadors for the largest Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative ever created in history.
    Please see our very short video – click here:

    We are looking for strong leaders, people who:
    – Deeply care about the mission “to lift the level of love, prosperity, and peace in the world.”
    – Are natives of the nation they will represent – on all continents, live there currently and speak the language fluently.
    – Are willing to volunteer (from home) 2 hours each week (or more, if you choose) as a Peace Ambassador, connecting with individuals and organizations in your nation, to help us implement the Prosperity and Peace Master Action Plan (MAP)
    – Are willing to meet for 30 min. twice a month, online, with the Team and other Ambassadors.

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